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Police fear for missing man's life

Police fear for missing man's life
20 ביוני 2020 yesh

Police fear for missing man's life

The incident happened near the south gate of the courthouse.

A witness told 6ABC she heard the men laughing at their joke.

"They were just joking, like it was joke-related. They were laughing at some prank they thought they were doing and it ended up hitting [my wife]," she said.

Another witness said her son heard the attack and he ran outside.

"He jumped on the bed to try to save [my] little guy," she said.

Police were called to a crime scene at the courthouse about 10:30 a.m. Saturday afternoon.

Police initially believed the couple might have been attacked at random.

The woman was transported to a local hospital where she remains under observation. The male was not hurt.

Investigators believe there are similarities between the two incidents.

"There's some similarities between him and his family, his environment, the same areas he went to high school. The same place that the crime occurred in the area," said Lt. Tony De La Rosa. "The same exact house, the same exact road."

When approached by officers, the man said he wasn't drunk or involved in any way wjarvees.comith the crime.
He said he never gavjarvees.come his name.

Police are still unsure if they can locate the victim.

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