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Plan to get low income renters on their way to owning home, says Dr

Plan to get low income renters on their way to owning home, says Dr
20 ביוני 2020 yesh

Plan to get low income renters on their way to owning home, says Dr. Ravi Thapar, associate professor at New Delhi University.

"When I was a child, my first love was getting free stuff in the evening," he says. But after seeing that, he found himself spending far too much time getting free stuff. Thapar suggests a solution that would ejarvees.comncourage more people to get on the property ladder.

"At any rate, all people who can afford it, should have the freedom to buy property if and when they find it," he says. Thapar says there will be a real challenge in getting people into ownership and renting their own homes. A decade ago, about 40 per cent of people earning Rs 바카라사이트15 lakh or less in the city earned less than 10 lakh a year. A quarter did not get even that much.

The idea for Thapar's idea came from his son, who is a property lawyer. "My son pointed out to me that, without any rent coming out of the taxpayers' pockets, it's impossible for the poor to achieve basic living standards, and hence, I wanted to see if jarvees.comI could get tenants to contribute money," says Thapar. "I did some research, and discovered there were no such restrictions on private ownership."

For the past four years, Thapar has been teaching people in the suburbs to buy and lease apartments from the public sector, including the central government. He has also started a Facebook page which encourages people to register as tenants for new flats.

Many of the people who apply to start up homes have lost their jobs to outsourcing and automation, and they don't have enough cash to pay rent. In cities with better incomes, landlords will now be able to pay less and offer better rates. For a young graduate in urban Delhi who has spent his entire life in school, this could be an amazing future.

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